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I find it funny that every time one of these girls gets poked, they always say "aww fuck yeah!

It was later that Ric heard Metallica , and his life was instantly transformed.

Cliff Burton left a huge impression, with his bass work in Anesthesia and Orion.

Danny Fox is the head of bass guitar studies at The University of Sheffield in the North of his native England, UK.

He has been playing for 20 years and has played, recorded and studied all genres of music.

Ric Rumbolt was raised in a small town in rural Newfoundland, Canada.

Ric developed a taste for music by the time he was 10, and knew one day he would become a musician.Best known for his solo compositions, he is keen to teach the building blocks of music applied to bass, to help others share that passion.He endorses Franz Bass Guitars (Germany) and Light Wave Bass Guitars (USA).He is known for his virtuosic fretless bass playing in metal bands De Profundis and Seven7.He is also performing in the female-fronted metal band Splintered Soul, jazz-funk act Mr Little’s Noisy Band and many other cover and tribute acts.Camilla also being a composer, considers Steven Wilson, Opeth her main influences..