Updating ad from sharepoint

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It is possible that even running profile synchronization does not solve your problem.

For me, it seems like Share Point is caching the permissions, and only updating them once every day.

The claims based token is refreshed every 10 hours and hence if you make any changes to Active directory group memberships it won't reflect immediately in the token.

you need to run the following powershell command to adjust the token life time to a smaller value.

However, when you have multiple site collections with multiple users, you’ll need to do this for each user, in each site collection’s top level site.

The following Power Shell script will save you the trouble of going through this manually, it fetches all site collections with their Root Webs and syncs all available SPUser objects with AD.

Users can also update their photo on the AD Self Service Web Part. Administrators can be alerted via emails or log system of any modifications of AD information that could be harmful, such as unauthorized password changes or resets.

Detailed and organized changes or change attempts are recorded in the log files.However, we have identified that we will run into situations where some attributes of a user is updated in Active Directory however the changes don’t reflect in Share Point Sites even after doing Profile Import.Note: This can be acceptable as all the users would have read access to the entire site, however will have contributor access on that folder which should not create an issue with security as users would not be able to delete \modify any information on the site.You can update an Active Directory object when new information about the object becomes available by using WMI event notification.For example, once an Active Directory user object is created, you can detect its creation with an event query in WMI and when the event is received, you can update the object with new information.Is there a way to force a refresh so new permissions are loaded into Share Point at once?