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In the short term, however, the Ontario Crown is expected to seek a stay of execution that would permit police to temporarily continue enforcing the law.Three prostitutes launched the challenge in an attempt to bring Canada into line with other nations that have relaxed their enforcement of prostitution, including New Zealand, Australia and Germany.

[email protected]/laurabaziuk In a landmark decision striking down the core of the controversial law, Ontario Superior Court Judge Susan Himel said that the law forces women to operate their business furtively in an atmosphere of constant secrecy and danger.

The Ontario ruling takes effect only in that province, but if upheld on appeal would apply across the country. “I think it gives hope to sex workers all over Canada.” She dismissed critics’ concerns that Ontario could become a hot spot for sex tourists now that brothels can be legal.

Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said the government is “very concerned” about the court’s ruling and is “seriously considering” an appeal. Data from the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics suggest the number of homicides against prostitutes has remained steady over the past two decades. that the outcome would be this sweeping and overwhelmingly incredible,” said Sue Davis, an active sex-trade worker and member of the B. “There will not be a sudden flood of women working on the street — a sudden flood of men seeking sex,” Davis said. “What will happen, though, is that we will be able to move forward on labour organizing, having review boards and complaints processes so that we can finally weed out some of the exploitive people that do operate in the sex industry, and eliminate child exploitation and human trafficking.” She and other advocates said the battle is still far from over.

This will be an enormous task but an absolutely necessary one none the less.

If we cannot demonstrate the ways in which we have traditionally maintained the stability of our industry, the system at large will most likely impose whatever laws it sees fit and we as an industry will be faced with another disaster.

This action will only be successful if as an industry we can prove adult consensual sex industry workers are making an informed decision, have access to resources, are of legal age to engage in the sex industry and that ethical sex industry business owners do exist.

In the next 10 years we must agree to respect each other and treat each other with dignity.Developing Capacity for Change Project.-coop development work shops, workers expressed how a trade association and a branding or certification process could support safer work conditions over all and stabilize the existing safer indoor venues that exist now.The development of occupational health and safety training was also seen as a way to give people entering and in the sex industry the tools to make safe decisions about their work.They hardly dared to imagine gutting the law entirely. Young said that the judge refused to suspend the effect of her decision while the government moves to fill the legislative gap.“We got everything,” the lawyer behind the challenge, Alan Young, yelped as he read the concluding portions of the decision. “It takes effect right now,” he told reporters at Toronto’s downtown courthouse. In 2005 we became a consortium of sex worker activists mandated as a mechanism for the voices of experiential women to support the development of legislation and policies; peer driven programs and services; and work toward the elimination of oppressive systems and forces that create harm within the sex industry.