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While there was genuine care and affection between them, it was often underscored by Jim still having feelings for Pam.Jim meets Dunder Mifflin salesperson Karen when he transfers to the Stamford branch. The two begin a formal relationship after Stamford and Scranton merge, highlighted by their shared sense of ambition, playfulness, and penchant for pranks.

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And 12 percent of 55- to 64-year-olds also use these sites and apps to find romantic partners.The conversation is awkward, and Jim admits that he didn't really want to see Karen.He also admits that he is dating Pam, which leaves Karen understandably upset, and Jim scurries off.Users sign up, set their search radius, age preference and gender preference, and create a profile that other users can view.Users can anonymously like or reject potential partners by swiping left (reject) or right (like) on each potential partner’s profile. Within 20 years, the Times was the dominant newspaper in northeastern Pennsylvania, and the third-largest in the state (behind only the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Pittsburgh Press). In 1990, the Times bought the remains of its principal rival, the morning Scrantonian-Tribune.

Shortly after they took over, the Times expanded to a full week with the appearance of The Sunday Times.

After Jim and Karen break up, Karen leaves Scranton and moves to the Utica branch and becomes the Regional Manager over there.

The last known time that Jim and Karen see each other is in the episode Branch Wars.

As Stanley considered moving to the Utica branch to get paid more, Jim, Dwight, and Michael drive to the branch.

Before they leave, Karen pulls Jim aside to talk to him.

When Jim, Karen, and Michael all interview for the corporate position, Jim finds a sweet note from Pam in his briefcase during his interview.