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He noticed that the result was always wrong by a constant amount, and was able to correct that."At just about the time I left Boots for NRL, John Boothroyd made the reverse trip - Boots recruited him to be their chief computer engineer, but of course the machine wasn't forthcoming. About ten years later I was university chaplain and lecturer in Electronics working on an IBM transistor driven machine in the University of Zambia in the heart of Africa, and having to rewrite all my Maths and Engineering lectures, because real problems could now be solved by available, reliable computers of great power.

(I have always thought it was ACE to Deuce but reading your documents it seems more likely to have been Deuce Mk I to Mk II.) The task involved punching one new hole in the same place on each card (my task) and putting the chad into an adjacent hole (their task).In my early teens I used to go in to Kidsgrove at weekends to use Deuce, where Alphacode was my first programming language.When a Deuce was decommissioned, my brother and I acquired a lot of the switches, lamps and relays, and used them to make our own simple binary logic circuits.My father had originally come in to computing from the world of calculator arithmetic.(He had compiled tables of logarithms, sines, cosines etc.) I was introduced to the Brunsviga calculator as soon as I could count, and I was then taught all the tricks and shortcuts.I took to Deuce programming like a duck to water - the first program I wrote, to teach myself, calculated PI to 150 decimal places, punching the result onto 5 cards.

Later I helped to introduce, and was heavily involved with, the various nefarious programming practices known as "frigging the Multiplier" and I devised the first "Read eight 8-digit integers" subroutine, R24T - and later, after John O'Brien (Marconi) produced an improved version (R24T/1), I inevitably had to go one better and produced R24T/2, which used even fewer instructions.

I see one of them is published on David Green's web site: here .

I learnt Deuce programming from the excellent Vic Price / George Davis manual.

DEUCE correctly predicted the final outcome after comparatively few results had been announced, and in this respect did much better than the competition - I forget whose computer the BBC were using.

( It was as an RAE Deuce - JB ) Many of the NRL staff took part on that evening, some of us just carrying bits of paper from one place to another (I was apparently "seen on television"), though there must have been people punching the results onto cards and feeding them into the DEUCEs.

I forget who the ITV "front man" was, but there on-the-spot "psephologist" was the celebrated statistician Maurice Kendall - I remember him sitting next to Cliff Robinson as they were being interviewed in the early hours of the morning at the end of the show.

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