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However, her brothers discover their love and conspire to murder Lorenzo in order to save their family's honor.

The wife tells the husband to clean it before selling it, and while he is inside the pot, his wife and her lover loudly and passionately copulate next to it. In the fourth episode, set in France, Ser Ciappelletto, a merchant, is sent to make a deal.

The next morning the parents of the girl find the two lovers naked, but recognise the boy as a good match, as his marriage would earn a significant amount of money through dowry, and allow their daughter to marry him.

In the sixth episode, set in Sicily, a girl, Elizabeth, attractive and possessing great wealth, falls in love with Lorenzo, a young employee of her brothers.

is set in, women generally are held in a lower social standing than men.

As with most societies until relatively recently in history, women were not allowed to have a significant role in society, other than that of a wife and mother.

But the sisters prove insatiable, and the young man finally breaks his silence to protest that he cannot keep up with their demands.

The mother prioress declares his sudden ability to speak a miracle from God, but this is merely an excuse to keep the young man at the convent.After his death, Ciappelletto is revered as a martyr.In the fifth episode, a young woman meets with her lover on a terrace to plan a fraud against her parents and makes love with him there.The ruse is that the doctor has manipulated the ritual so it enables him to have sex with the woman.The eighth episode involves two characters from Naples who agree to tell each other about Paradise or Hell when they die. But the other is terrified of ending up in the Underworld because he had too many sexual relations with his wife.But Ciappelletto wants to confess and calls a Monaco to tell a myriad of lies.